MARC Conference

This conference began in the fall of 2002 under the inspiration of Bro. Paul Mooney.  MARC is all about getting back to doctrine and returning to our roots.  It encompasses preaching the Gospel and knowing why we preach it. 

MARC is important not only for IBC students, but also for ministers and saints.  At this conference, speakers include many great ministers who have dedicated their lives to studying the doctrine and communicating it in ways that anyone can understand.  Numerous resources are available in the lobby during the conference.

Theology Conference

Every year the Theology Club puts on a two day conference emphasizing the importance of the Bible and Truth in our lives. It is in these chapel services and the Q & A sessions with the guest ministers that the doctrine is fortified in the hearts and minds of IBC!


Listed below are some facts about IBC Music Fest.

  • Indiana Bible College Music Festival began twelve years ago as a one-day seminar conducted by Lindel M. Anderson during his first year as IBC's Dean of Music.
  • The seminar has grown into a three-day conference with over 90 classes offered each year.
  • The conference is a ministry of Indiana Bible College and hosted by Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • It is specifically designed to challenge and inspire those inovlved in church music and dramatic arts ministries.
  • Registration in 2006 reached well over 800, in addition to capacity crowds in our general sessions and evening concerts.
  • The teaching staff include over 60 of the most outstanding music ministers, drama directors, musicians, songwriters, recording artists, etc. in the Apostolic movement.
  • To keep up with such exciting growth, we are striving (with God's help) to make a record for improvment as well.
  • Our goal is to continue to expand the scope of the conference, introduce new classes and clinicians, and make Music Fest a more effective and relevant experience.

Visit the MusicFest website at

Missions Conference

Every fall semester IBC has a special conference with the students about missions.  The missions club brings in a special speaker that has either been on the missions field or is currently there.  It is during this time that many students begin to feel a burden for missions work.  Students are awakened to the reality of the great number of souls in need, here and abroad.

FUEL (Filling Up Every Life) Conference

FUEL Conference is a time of spiritual renewal.  During this week of spiritual emphasis IBC brings in outside speakers to get the student body pumped up for the new semester.  The goal is for students to foster a new commitment: spiritually, mentally, and evangelistically.  It is a time for students to get excited about reaching the community and refueling themselves for the Lord.